New Way To Earn On E-Shopcontract
October 15, 2020
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This is a great and newest update on E-Shopcontract product investment platform. This updates was made to enhance the global understanding of our system and to encourage every interested investor to register and operate our system with zero helping hands.


  1. Telegram handle Now Available
  2. News Page Now Available
  3. Central Product Wheelhouse Now in-use (No more renting shop or stocking up shot)
  4. Instant profit earning in every product
  5. Interest is instantly credited & payouts start after three days of purchase.

Lets discus about the new updates.

  1. Telegram Handle: We now provide a telegram handling account which will enable our global investor request for updates and help at a go without logining into our website.

  2. News Page: We now have a news update page where all latest news and development on our system will be posted for old, new and upcoming investors to read ahead or before investing in our system.

  3. Central Product Wheelhouse: Investors will not be required to rent a shop and stockup a shop again on our platform. We will be making use of our system central wheelhouse to store all investors product for trading before interest is generated. This is to enable fast services and help our investors spend less on our shopping investment. Now you only need to register and start trading on our products by purchasing our available virtual products.

  4. Instant Profit earning: Now, After a successful trade purchase payment, Your interest will be credited instantly into your account and before our robotic trading system will start will start. This is to enable investors know there potential profit on every completed trade and also enable then know how much is payout to there wallet after every 3days.

  5. Payouts will be starting every 3days until your profit payout is completed, The payout is automated by the system and this means you do not need to request for withdrawals, Every 3days, you receive payout and check your transaction history for amount and time of payout.

If you have any questions, You can contact our live support or Telegram handle for help.

Above are the current E-Shopcontract Investors updates.

Share this information with your affiliate members and friends to help us reach our potential goal of achieving a global shopping investment platform.

Do not forget that you earn 5.5% – 10% affiliate purchase commission of every trade completed by your referrals.

Thank You

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