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October 17, 2020
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October 19, 2020
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Hello Dear,
Are you wondering on how E-Shopcontract project Merchants activities works?
Do you want to become a Merchant but don’t really understand the possibility?

Now, The great news is that i will be explaining in details how you can become a Coupon Code Merchant on E-shopcontract and control the way you earn your daily profit.

To become a Merchant, You must be an active investor with a ruining investment contract on your account to enable your application get approved.

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Now, This is how it works!
E-Shopcontract project Merchants are individuals or organizations who Buy & Sell E-Shopcontract Coupon Code (Read About Coupon Here).

The work of a Merchant is only to Buy & Sell Coupon codes to our investors at any desired rate base on your country crypto -currency exchange rate but must not be more than 15% extra fee.

Lets get started Now!!!
Now, Some investors do not have crypto – wallets and really want to invest on our project with local bank payment but we do not support local bank payment because, E-Shopcontract is a global project which makes it 98.9% risky to accept card payment for the safety of our investors.

Now, Merchants are those who have Crypto – wallet and have full knowledge on how crypto wallet works and now collects local cash payments from our investors and convert to crypto currency, Use the crypto currency to purchase coupon code for them which can now be used to complete investment contract on our website by applying the coupon code during investment checkout.

Now How Do Investors Withdraw?
This is very simple, During registration you have the option of choosing Coupon Code as a payout method and this can also be edited on investors account update.

Now, Payouts are automated on our system every 3days, 5days, 7days, 9days – 15days and when ever is your turn to receive payout, The system automatically generates Coupon Code and forward to your provided email address used on Coupon Code payout details.

Now, You receive the coupon code on your email with the coupon code amount written on it and head to any Merchant of your choice in your country by calling or going to his or her location.
Present the coupon code to him or her and wait for processing.
Now, The Merchant collects the coupon code, login to his or her Merchant Dashboard, Click on SELL TO US and fill the required details including the Coupon code details.

Now the coupon code will be validated by our payment team and the equivalent amount in dollar is send to the Merchant crypto wallet account and then he or she pays cash to you base on your both discussion (This might take 5mins to 5hrs).

Now you both have a successful transaction, But if the provided coupon code was not validate, your coupon code might have being used by another investor or you provided a wrong coupon code figures.

NOTE: Merchant and Investor must have a proper fee arrangement before giving out coupon code or processing coupon code payout for security reasons.

Thank You
E-Shopcontract Payment Team

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