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October 19, 2020
What Is E-Shopcontract Product Investment Contract
October 21, 2020
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When you hear of “Marketing Tools” The first thing that comes to your mind is “What is really Marketing Tools?, Do you Mean Products & Services or What?.

Now, This is the meaning “The definition of marketing tools are product development and promotional strategies and actions that a company uses to develop and promote its products or services. An example of marketing tools are Ads Placement, Coupon Code Discounts, Banners, Emailing, market research surveys and focus groups.”

E-Shopcontract is a new Australia project launched this month. E-shopcontract is still on the early stage and new improvement and possibilities are being introduce daily for good and last longing project contract between us and our investors.

We are already on Ads placement and probability you visited our website through one of our advertisement placement either on Google site or google partner sites and Facebook or Facebook Partner sites.

You might also be able to visit our website through a friends referral link on social media, text, call or personal explanation on how we work.

Now, We are introducing the Banner Marketing Tool which enable website owners, Facebook page, Twitter Account, Instagram Account, Youtube Account, Blog and website page owners to partnership with us and earn commissions on sells through insetting our banners into there page platform.

This is very simple,
You can do that by copying the Banner html code and insetting on your page or saving the banner and uploading on your page with your referral link below it.
When ever an investor registers by clicking on your link or the banner, The investor is automatically added on your down-liners and when ever he/she makes a purchase investment on our product projects, you earn commission per completed payment upto 10% commission on any purchased investment product.

E-Shopcontract product investment project is a new growing global shop product investment project with few members and this is a great opportunity for you. You can start earning more by sharing your link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Social Network forum and get investors register with you link at the moment before waiting for investment time after verifying how our services work.

Becoming first users of every project is a great opportunity because you have the bigger opportunity of introducing and having more down-liners before it becomes viral and hard to get someone register through you because by then almost all your  friends and relations are already on the project.

Take this great opportunity and start earning as fast as possible and remember, payouts are automated and requires zero human interference.

Payouts are done every 3,5,7 -15days.
This means the system automatically pays every investor whose account is due to receive full or partial payout on the mention date base on product demands.

FULL PAYOUT: This means your capital and interest is automatically paid out into your provide payment method on any automatically processing date by the system.

PARTIAL PAYOUT: This means you might receive an installment payout to your provided payment method on any automatically processing date by the system until your full profit and capital are completed.

REASONS: Our project is a product buying & selling program which involves buy and sells of our products on our system and profit is determined by the demand of all the products on our project. If your invested product project is highly demanded on our market you earn your full payout without wasting of time regardless the amount but if your invested product project is less demanded, Your profit and capital will be paid on installations of 3,5,7 – 15days Maximum.

Our system is a market place and like every market in the world, Sometimes products are highly demanded and some are less demanded depending on the market situations and traffics.

How To Get Your Referral Link & Banners

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Click on Affiliate
  4. Click on marketing
  5. Select Referral (For referral link)
  6. Select marketing banner (For your marketing Banners).

Share Your Links & Marketing Banner Today & Earn Before Others Get To Know About It.



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