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October 20, 2020
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October 21, 2020
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What is

If you are ask by your down-liners!


E-Shopcontract is a new shopping trade investment project launched in Australia this current month. Our is still on the early growing stage and new improvement and possibilities are being introduce daily for good and last longing project contract between us and our investors.

On E-Shopcontract project, Investors are paid upto 13% – 80% dividends on our shopping e-product investment and upto 5.5% – 10% affiliate system purchase investment bonus.

Payouts are done every 3days and interest is not stable. This means interest increase or decrease base on demand of a particular product but no losses.

Payouts are done every 3days after purchase contract payment is completed either with crypto currencies or coupon codes base on your choice of payment provided during registration.

Payouts can be done completely or installation base on product sells and demands on an invested products. What Does This Mean?

You can also get more information on our news page HERE.



E-Shopcontract Team

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