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October 22, 2020
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October 24, 2020
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Great News Everyone!!!

The long awaiting Multi-level-Marketing Technology integration is completly done and investors can now earn more commissions base on hard work.

E-Shopcontract Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy we take to encourage existing investors to recruit new other investors into our system and get paid a  commission from all there investment purchases.

Our MLM system will be operating on Three (3) Level commission and this means you earn commission from the the down-liners of your referrals up-to third down-liner stage.


E-shopcontract MLM

From the diagram above.

A is you as an investor and you referred B and B referred D & E and which D & E will also refer another investors.

Now you earn commission from B, D, E and down-liners of  D & E.


Direct Referral Commission:  5.5%

First Stage Down-liner Commission: 3.5%

Second Stage Down-liner Commission: 2.5%

Third Stage Down-liner Commission: 1.5

All referral commissions are paid instantly into your Affiliate Marketing dashboard after payment of any product is completed and commissions can also be converted to coupon codes for investment on our product  investment any time automatically without staff interference.

Start Earning Good Commission With Our MLM System.



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