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November 3, 2020
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November 6, 2020
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Merchants are individuals and organizations who represent e-shopcontract inn various countries and locations and also help new investors make deposit and investment using local currencies through the means of Coupon code which can be purchased from them (Merchants) and also sell to them (Merchants).

We are changing the way Merchants work on our project to enhance there activities and also encourage them to do more by spreading the news of E-Shopcontract.

1. Merchants will now be required to pay a registration fee of $35.7 to get approved.
2. Merchants are now our representatives in there various countries.
3. Merchants can now request for Coupon Codes with ahead validation date. (This means, Merchants can request for coupon code as loan without making payment and pay back after investors purchase the coupon code and no interest).
4. Merchants now receive 5% – 50% Monthly sales commission.
5. We will accept only Three (3) Merchants per country.
6. Merchant must be an investor or a share holder on our project.

The new development is already implemented on our project, Every member of E-Shopcontract who is an investor or share holder can now apply through our Merchant application form and make sure you complete your payment to enable us approve your application request.

The new merchant list will be published once we have total ten (10) Merchants on our files and and only three (3) Merchants will be approved per country.

Go Now And Apply Before Your Country Slot Is Completed

Thank You

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